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At LexSensis, we believe effective compliance is a competitive advantage and helps your business stay focussed on its business.

Technology is raising the standard for corporate compliance, as well as the expectations and investigative powers of auditors and enforcement authorities.  Local and cross-border investigations are more common and far reaching, increasing the financial and reputational risk.  As a result, compliance consumes more of the corporate agenda.

At LexSensis, we have the strategies and tools to enable you to monitor the effectiveness of your compliance and ethics programmes across divisions and regions.  Our approach allows you to spot non-compliance events as they occur, in real time and pick up potential non-compliance indicators and business trends that may need compliance and ethics support.  The tools are scalable and can be focused on one or more areas of specific risk.

This immediate feedback allows you to:

- Respond proactively to actual or potential non-compliance events

- Nip flagged activity in the bud and deliver compliant and ethical solutions

- Launch an investigation, secure data, seek advice and contain the situation

- Use the indicators to develop and adapt communication, training or leadership strategies.

Above all, we believe our approach will help you be more proactive, more focused, more efficient and more effective.

To find out more about the LexSensis Compliance Service please contact us by email: or