We have nearly a decade of experience providing European lawyers and legal professionals for sophisticated senior-level work and high-volume managed document reviews in areas such as real estate, corporate, complex litigation, international arbitration, regulatory investigations, securities trading, securities lending, derivatives, compliance and due diligence.

Every one of our lawyers has been carefully screened, interviewed and selected. We know our people, which is why we know who would be right for you. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide coherent teams of individuals with proven track records for productivity and quality results.

How do we do it?

  • We carefully screen, interview and select only qualified, experienced, bar-registered lawyers.

  • We keep track of the performance of all our lawyers on every project.

  • Our expert consultants carefully identify candidates with exactly the right skills for each project.

  • We get permission from each candidate before we submit his or her résumé.

  • Like our clients, our lawyers stick with us, so you benefit from their expanding knowledge and experience.

Once hired for large-scale managed document review projects, our reviewers are evaluated on the quality of their work performance. The evaluations are maintained with the candidate record