Document Review Project Staffing

LexSensis provides flexible, tailor-made teams of expert reviewers for eDiscovery document review projects across Europe.

Depending on your needs we can deploy :

  • Qualified bar-registered lawyers and paralegals
  • Project managers and team leads
  • Technical analysts
  • Quality check specialists
  • Translators in any language


Our process 

Our legal background and proven expertise in document review informs every step of our recruitment process. After passing an initial CV-screen process, all new candidates are invited for a face-to-face interview before joining LexSensis. When assigning reviewers, we carefully evaluate the legal experience of each candidate and assess their suitability for each project.

With years of experience putting together successful teams, we have built close professional relationships with our project lawyers. This means we can deploy dedicated and best-in-class teams for all your document review projects.


Background check

Background checks shaped by your needs, the specifics of your project and the cultural sensitivities of the team and review location, are conducted on all team members.

This includes as a minimum :

  • ID 
  • Proof of address 
  • Copy of diploma 
  • 2 references from past employers or clients 
  • Proof of bar registration (if applicable)


Conflicts checks and other administrative documentation

We handle all onboarding paperwork for our clients, ensuring reviewers supply all the relevant documentation including conflict checks, NDAs and Covid vaccination certificates.


On-site reviews

We liaise with you to make sure the team comply with your access requirements and show the necessary identification or other documentation on entering the review centre.

The Covid pandemic has forever changed how document review projects are conducted. LexSensis will ensure your on-site review is carried out in compliance with all applicable local regulatory requirements and laws. If you require, we can provide vaccination certificates, Covid passes and Covid test results for all team members prior to the start of the project.

We also liaise with every team to ensure that the review centre’s Covid policy is understood and complied with.


Remote reviews

LexSensis can help you set up and coordinate your review remotely and will coordinate the sending of your remote review requirements and equipment to ensure the level of security that is right for your document review project.


We staff document review projects of all sizes

Small document review project

We bring our standards of excellence to every project, providing the same level of care and dedication no matter the size or duration of each review.

The A-Team is the only team working at LexSensis.


Large document review projects

With years of experience, we have the shoulders to support your largest and most complex projects, whether on-site or remotely.

Our extensive network means we can source exactly the right candidates for your project, even within the tightest deadlines.