Managed Reviews

In addition to document review staffing, we can also take over the complete management of your document review project.

LexSensis will work with you to assess the requirements of your project, such as the volume of data to be reviewed, location, platform preferences, and timeline. Our dedicated project managers can take on every aspect of your project, from recruiting to execution and reporting.

Our document review lawyers will support the in-house legal team and deliver the critical results needed for strategic decisions.  

LexSensis has a robust Managed Review Protocol in place, which includes quality control procedures and regular reporting to your legal team to suit your needs and provide a high quality of service. LexSensis supports the creation of the team’s training documents and technical training on the chosen document review platform.

LexSensis’ highly qualified and experienced review managers and team leads will manage the workflow and liaise with your eDiscovery and legal teams to ensure the smooth and efficient running of your document review project from start to finish.


On-site managed reviews

LexSensis can set up a secure and fully equipped review centre in the location of your choice, ensuring the data remains in its country of origin when necessary. We liaise with you to establish the specifications for the review centre, as well as implementing your preferred access requirements for team members entering the site, such as showing identification or other documentation.

As always, data security is paramount to the review process, and we will set up a protocol with you to ascertain the level of security you require. The Covid pandemic has forever changed how document review projects are conducted. LexSensis will ensure your on-site review is carried out in compliance with all applicable local regulatory requirements and laws.  


Remote reviews

LexSensis can also set up your review remotely, coordinating equipment and software set-up and ensuring confidentiality and GDPR compliance according to your guidelines and preferences.

For example, the reviewers can be required to work from the EU or from a specific country only.


Security and confidentiality

LexSensis liaises with your eDiscovery technical team to establish the most appropriate remote review requirements for your document review project in order to achieve maximum security for your data.