Remote 100 paralegal recruitment with 48 hours lead time in the UK


One of our clients in Germany needed to review a large quantity of document in the UK. The data could not leave the UK. The size of the team was estimated at 100 paralegals. We had 48 hours to recruit and screen the candidates.



Our knowledge of the UK market and network allowed us to reach out to individuals with document review experience who were based in the UK. To speed up the process, we reached out in priority to candidates who had already worked with us and whose background check had already been process in the past 3 months.  

Our UK experts processed the profiles of all candidates already registered with LexSensis. The interviews and background check for new candidates were managed by our recruitment team. We processed the required NDAs and conflicts checks concurrently.



Backed by our UK recruitment experts, LexSensis was able to deliver a 100 paralegal team of vetted individuals within 48 hours and on budget, allowing the client to start the review within the deadline and to comply with local privacy considerations.