On-site multilingual review in Sweden


One of our UK clients needed us to staff a team of 20 people an on-site document review in Sweden. They needed qualified lawyers, paralegals and translators at least fluent in English and native in either Swedish, Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian.

The pool of reviewers and translators native in Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian based in Sweden was relatively small.



Our Scandinavian experts identified people on the ground with the correct language skills and experience and processed their background checks and other documentation. Our Baltic experts sourced the remainder of the team in Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia who moved to Sweden for the duration of the project.

Their background checks were processed and LexSensis helped them in finding accommodation by putting them in contact with colleagues on the ground who coached them through the first weeks of their work on the document review project.



Most of the original team of reviewers and translators stayed working on the document review project during its 2-year duration. A few of the translators and reviewers were replaced when they wished to return to their home country. Overall, LexSensis had delivered a homogenous, resilient, well-functioning multinational and multicultural team.