Translation of the entire compliance program in 13 languages


One of our German clients, a corporation, required the following documentation to be translated from German into 13 languages :

  • code of conduct, 
  • guideline on compliance with antitrust law,
  • guideline on the prevention of corruption, and
  • guideline on engagement of intermediaries.

The languages were Chinese, Finnish, French, Hindi, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai and Turkish.

These documents needed to be translated by lawyer linguists who had a good knowledge of compliance.

The deadline was within 2 weeks.



The team at LexSensis reached out to its network of compliance specialists lawyer linguists native in the target languages and at least fluent in the source languages and assigned the work to the team, with one translator and one proofreader per target language. The translations were assigned on a rolling basis to allow any comments from the client to be taken into account for the remainder of the work to be completed in each target language.



The translations were delivered on a rolling basis and the language of the translation were harmonised using the vocabulary already used by the client in each of the target languages and taking on board any client comments on the first translations delivered to incorporate them in the remainder of the documents being translated. The proof-readers also ensured accuracy and a final work product delivered to the client according to their specification and with the deadline. The knowledge of compliance of the lawyer linguists working on the translations ensured a high degree of quality of the final work product and saved time and resources for the client.