Large Foreign language remote review with a 72 hour lead time


We were contacted by one of our US clients who needed a team of 50 Finnish speaking reviewers based in the EU. The review was scheduled to kick-off in 72 hours. We needed to train candidates with no previous document review experience. The entire project had to be executed remotely due to the covid pandemic.

At that time, there had been very few document reviews involving the Finnish language. The document review process was practically unheard in Finland. We had to build a network, fast.



Our knowledge of the Scandinavian market allowed us to target the people with the right profiles for document review work.

Our experts on Scandinavian reviews used their network to contact all suitable profiles that had been previously identified. We put in place a team dedicated to interviewing and explaining the review process to interested candidates and preparing candidate profiles.

We set up a team dedicated to processing all the background checks. One of our review managers trained all the new reviewers remotely on the client’s chosen document review platform.



Backed by our Scandinavian market experts, LexSensis delivered a team of 50 native Finnish, fluent English speaking reviewers within the deadline and on budget.  

We trained all the reviewers on the platform and explained the review process to the neophytes. We processed the entire team’s background check, conflicts checks and NDAs and we made sure they complied with the client’s remote review requirement.

Our dedicated review manager stayed on call for technical questions during the first weeks of the project to answer the reviewers’ technical queries.